DIR/Floor Time: An Evidence Based Treatment Model for Children/Adolescents Impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorder and Sensory Processing Challenges 10-26-21 (Live Webinar)

A “CE You! Plus” All Day Webinar!
Through brain plasticity, given the right opportunities for neuronal growth, one area of the brain can take over the functioning of an area that had previously been damaged or delayed. Explore how DIR/Floor Time (Developmental, Individual Differences, Relationship-Based Model) helps children impacted by developmental delays and regulatory concerns, like Autism Spectrum Disorder, tolerate new emotional experiences and higher developmental capacities become possible. Get up to 6 CE Credits!

Cultural Competence: LGBTQ and Conflicting Religious Values 12-12-21 (Live Webinar)

A “CE You! Plus” Sunday Afternoon Ethics Webinar! Multiple issues may arise when traditional religious values and LGBTQ+ clients intersect. This is true for clients as well as clinicians. This course will explore this complex dynamic, informing a culturally competent approach and moving to a synthesis of these seemingly conflicting ideas. This BRAND NEW class meets requirements for LGBTQ Cultural Competence Training. Earn 3 CE Credits on a Sunday afternoon!

Relationship Strategies to Treat Challenging Trauma Clients (On Demand – Previously Recorded)

A “CE You! Plus” 12 CE Previously Recorded Webinar!
This practical two-day workshop, led by Dr. Robert T. Muller, a leading expert on trauma therapy and globally acclaimed author of the psychotherapy bestseller, “Trauma & the Avoidant Client”, is aimed at building our understanding of the psychotherapeutic relationship with challenging trauma clients. Earn 12 CE Credits!

The Psychology of ADHD: Treatment Implications (On Demand – Previously Recorded)

A “CE You! Plus” Previously Recorded Webinar!
ADHD is a neurological condition, but it has significant psychological effects on how a person sees themselves, addresses challenges, and interacts with others. This one day webinar features, Ari Tuckman, PsyD, MBA, author of several books including the 2019 release, “ADHD After Dark: Better Sex Life, Better Relationship” Earn 6 CE Credits!

Core Competencies in Domestic Violence: Treatment Struggles, Differential Assessment and the Self of the Therapist (On Demand – Previously Recorded)

A “CE You! Plus” Previously Recorded Webinar!
No matter what your area of practice, you may come across abusive relationships or domestic violence. This Full day Webinar taught by author Lisa Twersky, LCSW, a practitioner who has been working with victims of domestic violence for over 30 years, will provide a thorough training on the difficult and complex subject of domestic violence. Core struggles, clinical issues, and fundamental tasks will be addressed. Earn 5.5 CE Credits!