Historical Trauma, Social Justice, Ethics and Cultural Competence Webinar, 10-8-21 and 10-11-21 (Live Webinar)

This Webinar Series includes Two Excellent Classes with with Rev. Lisa Connors, LCPC. A 3 hour CULTURAL COMPETENCE training, “Keepin’ It Real: Healing from the Historical Trauma of Slavery and Segregation” and a 3 hour ETHICS Training, “Keepin’ It Real: The Ethical Dimensions of being “JUST” in a society that is still divided” Get up to 6 CE Credits.

Sexual Violence, Anti-Racism, and Motivational Interviewing Seminar, 10-21-21 (Live Webinar)

A New “CE You! Plus” All Day Webinar!
This new webinar includes a brand new training on working with survivors of sexual violence perpetrated against BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color) through an anti-racism lens. Also included is a NEW training on using Motivational Interviewing with challenging clients. Class 1 meets the New DC “Key Public Health Priorities” training criteria for DC licensees. Earn up to 6 CE credits including 3 Cultural Competence credits!