Finding Hope: Risk Assessment and Suicide Prevention, Thursday, 4-7-22 (Live Webinar)

Alexis Cate, LCSW, CCTP, CASAC-T brings attendees helpful perspectives on Suicide risk assessment and intervention techniques. Attendees will gain insight with respect to confronting the uncomfortable aspects of addressing suicide risk when engaged in direct conversation with clients, developing tools to take action and safety planning strategies surrounding client disclosures, and identifying and/or monitoring high risk individuals in the context of emotional symptoms and behavioral presentation. *This webinar is live, real-time and interactive. Participants will earn 2 CE Credits.*

The Hidden Potential for Suicide: Perfectly Hidden Depression (On Demand – Previously Recorded)

A “CE You! Plus” Previously Recorded Webinar! In this groundbreaking presentation, Dr. Margaret Robinson Rutherford, author of Perfectly Hidden Depression; How to Break Free From the Perfectionism that Masks Your Depression will discuss the symptoms of this overlooked “silent” depression. The link between perfectionism and Suicide trends will be examined. Earn 3 CE Credit.

Assessment and Management of Suicidal Adolescents (On Demand – Previously Recorded)

A “CE You! Plus” Previously Recorded Webinar! – This webinar will review definitions for different types of suicidal and self-harm behavior, provide framework for assessing suicidal risk, including imminent risk; use of chain analysis to develop a safety plan; brief overview of the effective elements of evidence-based treatment for adolescent suicidal behavior. Earn 1 CE Credit.