Touched by Adoption: Using a Trauma Informed Approach when Working with Clients, Wednesday, 5-19-21 (Live Webinar)

Megan Montgomery, LMSW, LICSW guides us through a Trauma Informed perspective when working with clients in the world of adoption. Participants will gain insights on confronting grief and loss in adoption, recognizing how each person impacted by adoption may experience unique grief and loss, and identifying why a trauma informed approach is necessary. *This webinar is live, real-time and interactive. Participants will earn 2 CE Credits.*

Historical Trauma, Social Justice, Ethics and Cultural Competence Webinar, 6-11-21 and 6-14-21 (Live Webinar)

This Webinar Series includes Two Excellent Classes with with Rev. Lisa Connors, LCPC. A 3 hour CULTURAL COMPETENCE training, “Keepin’ It Real: Healing from the Historical Trauma of Slavery and Segregation” and a 3 hour ETHICS Training, “Keepin’ It Real: The Ethical Dimensions of being “JUST” in a society that is still divided” Get up to 6 CE Credits.