*Sunday* Self-Disclosure: An Ethical Approach to “Knowing What to say, When to Say it, and How to Say it”, 10-10-21 (Live Webinar)

A “CE You! Plus” Sunday Afternoon Ethics Webinar!
Self-Disclosure can be a highly effective tool in connecting with others. But what about the practical and ethical challenges? Tonya Logan, Founder and CEO of Kayla’s village, will discuss her own story and her approach to disclosure in working with clients. Earn 3 Ethics CE Credits on a Sunday afternoon!

The Relationship Boosters! Cultural Competence in Couples Counseling 8-9-21 (Live Webinar)

A “CE You! Plus” all day Webinar! This six hour training offers a new cultural competence class on working with couples of diverse backgrounds. We will look at principles of cultural competence and working with couples that have a different background than we do, as well as couples of mixed cultural backgrounds. This class will take place via Zoom. Earn 6 CE Credits!

Addressing Sexual Violence through an Anti-Racism Lens, 8-12-21 (Live Webinar)

A Brand New “CE You! Plus” Afternoon Webinar!
Sexual Violence is often narrowly examined as an issue solely centering gender and violence. For BIPOC survivors, sexual violence has historically served as a tool to facilitate racism and other forms of oppression. This training will examine the intersection of sexual violence & racism. This class meets the New DC “Key Public Health Priorities” training criteria for DC licensees. Earn 3 CE Cultural Competence credits!

Taming Amy(gdala), Neuroplasticity and more! A Two Day Workshop for Long Term Anxiety Relief, October 13-14, 2021 (Live Webinar)

NEW – TWO DAY CE You! Plus training – Dr. Heidi Schreiber-Pan (author, Taming the Anxious Mind) offers a clinical blueprint that is concise and practical; highlighting a cutting-edge treatment plan for clinicians to treat various types of anxiety disorders. This unique 6-step approach produces lasting relief for clients. This webinar is live and interactive. Participants earn 12 CE Credits!