The Hidden Cost of Service: Exploring Military Cultural Competency to Support Veterans and Their Families (On Demand – Previously Recorded)

A “CE You! Plus” Previously Recorded webinar! Gain invaluable insights into understanding and serving the veteran population in this upcoming webinar with Jacqueline Garrick, LCSW-C. Delve into the complexities of military culture, deployment, combat, and personal trauma, gaining a deeper understanding of the psychological impact of serving in war zones. Explore cultural and mental health-based risk factors associated with military service, and discover effective tools to build resilience for veterans and their families facing unique challenges. This class counts towards the Veteran health training requirement for CONNECTICUT and WEST VIRGINIA licensees. Earn 2 CE Credits!

House Full of Stuff: Clutter in the American Home, Monday, 9-30-24 (Live Webinar)

Welcome to another evening with Simple Spaces founder, professional organizer Katie Tracy as we dig deeper into how we are impacted by the space that surrounds us! Participants will review research on the current impact of clutter on American families, examine differences between clutter and hoarding, (as well as warning signs) and discuss common causes of clutter and disorganization. *This webinar is live, real-time and interactive. Participants will earn 2 CE Credits.*

The Marvel of Motherhood: Exploring the Dimensions of Matrescence, Wednesday, 11-20-24 (Live Webinar)

Become a champion for maternal well-being and celebrate the journey of motherhood as much more than a linear path. Join Christina Muller, LCSW as we delve into the concept of Matrescence, a lifelong psychological and emotional journey. We’ll move beyond the traditional focus on pregnancy and childbirth to explore the rich tapestry of Matrescence, examining its multifaceted nature through the lens of diverse cultural contexts. *This webinar is live, real-time and interactive. Participants will earn 2 CE Credits.*

Beyond the Break: Effective Interventions, Cultural Considerations, and Building Bridges in Trauma Care, Monday, 2-3-25 (Live Webinar)

Do you ever feel like some clients are presenting a puzzle with missing pieces? Traditional approaches might not be enough for those struggling with intense emotions, flashbacks, or avoidance behaviors. This could be a sign of underlying trauma. Led by professional counselor and clinical supervisor Jodi Geis-Crowder , this webinar is designed for busy mental health professionals seeking to elevate their practice skills and become leaders in trauma-informed care. We’ll review recognition of trauma as well as delve deeper to enhance assessment techniques which help to identify the often-subtle presentations of trauma in clients. We’ll discover how cultural beliefs profoundly influence responses to trauma, and discuss effective treatment modalities. This webinar is live, real-time and interactive. Participants will earn 3 CE Credits – Trauma.*

What Were They Thinking? A Review of Ethical Mishaps, Lawsuits, and Incarcerations, Tuesday, 1-14-25 (Live Webinar)

Ever wonder how mental health professionals end up on the wrong side of the law (or social media)? If so, join us with presenter Jodi Geis-Crowder, LPC, ACS, as we dive into real-life, headline-grabbing cases where ethical lines got crossed, and dissect what went wrong in a way that’s informative, and aimed to equip you with important tools to help navigate when to seek out legal consultation. So, buckle up and get ready to traverse the ethical landscape of social work and mental health practice with confidence. (And enjoy some lively discussions along the way!) *This webinar is live, real-time and interactive. Participants will earn 3 CE Credits – Ethics.*