Ethical Considerations in a Modern World: Exploring Duty to Warn, Technology, AI, and Social Media Use, 7-31-23 (Live Webinar)

This CE You! Plus Ethics webinar includes to two Brand New classes with Diane Bigler, LCSW, LSCSW. In Class 1, therapists will explore the ethical and legal challenges of handling clients expressing threats towards others. Class 2 focuses on the ethical integration of technology in therapy including AI. Each 3-hour class provides comprehensive insights to enhance therapists’ practice in an increasingly interconnected world. This webinar description was created with assistance from AI!
Earn up to 6 CE Credits-Ethics.

New & Creative Approaches to Clinical Work with Adolescents, Sunday, 11-19-23 (Live Webinar)

This stand alone webinar explores therapeutic modalities and is also recommended as a compliment to “The Ethics of Adolescence”. This course focuses on enhancing practitioner skill sets with new and helpful practices in working with the adolescent population. Here, Dr. Chana Ettingoff will help participants consider strength-based action steps in session, identify the benefits of narrative therapy in meaning making, as well as integrate helpful concepts and principles derived from cinema therapy to enhance therapeutic outcomes. *This webinar is live, real-time and interactive. Participants will earn 1 CE Credit.*

The Ethics of Adolescence: Therapeutic and Systemic Intersections When Working With Minors, Sunday, 11-19-23 (Live Webinar)

Join Chana Etengoff, PhD as we navigate the complexities of work with adolescent clients. Participants will discuss the clinical and ethical considerations of promoting client self determination and building therapeutic alliance when differing systemic and sociological agendas may present themselves. We’ll critically evaluate the challenges of confidentiality while balancing the legal requirements in working with minors, study the developmental impact of intersectional factors and structural inequities for adolescents in historically under-resourced groups, and explore the ethical standards and competence required in working with adolescents. This course may be taken alone, or participants may elect to take an additional 1 hour course which follows immediately, offering a special focus on corresponding clinical modalities. *This webinar is live, real-time and interactive. Participants will earn 4 CE Credits – Ethics.*

Implicit Bias Interrupted: How to Reveal, Confront, and Get Unconscious Biases Out of Your Way, Sunday, 7-16-23 (Live Webinar)

Join Dr. Michell A. Greenidge as we explore the features and corresponding behaviors associated with Implicit Bias. In this eye-opening discussion, participants will identify the social and systemic ramifications of Implicit Bias, study the historical and biological context and origin of biases and their impact on daily personal and professional interactions, as well as gain tools to help bring implicit biases into conscious awareness. This class can also fulfills the NEW Implicit Bias requirement for MICHIGAN and MARYLAND licensees. This webinar also meets the DC “Key Public Health Priorities” training criteria for DC licensees. This webinar is live, real-time and interactive. Participants will earn 3 CE/CME Credits.